All members must agree:

1. Assumption of Risk

  • People may recommend adventures which are ill advised, or inappropriate to your skill level. We do not moderate what people post and you assume all risk for any activity in which you participate.

2. Agree to Advance Responsible Outdoor Adventure

  • The group aims to promote canoeing and other outdoor adventure in a safe and responsible manner. Responsible includes responsible to the environment and each other.

3. Informal Group

  • This group is not incorporated and has no official leadership. We borrow our name from a defunct historic canoe club to honor area history, and remember the joy the river has brought over generations.

Signup Process

We are not a formal entity, so membership is informal, but members agree to the above ground rules.

You can consider yourself a member if you signup here

Once a member we encourage you to:

  1. join Facebook Group,

  2. Attend gatherings social or paddling.

  3. Facilitate an adventure.

  4. Buy a Tshirt