Upcoming 2021 Paddles

Upper Quinnipiac

Upper Quinnipiac River Canoe Trail from Milldale to Meriden. This will take about 3 to 4 hours. Maps are available: https://www.qrivertrail.org/canoe-trail

Date: Early Spring Weekday TBD

Lead: Janet

Registration: TBD

Quinnipiac to Mill

Leave shuttle cars at District. Bring your own boat and packed lunch. Launch at Sackett point launch and canoe at 10am (high tide), head through marsh with tide and up Mill River to District (8 Miles ~4 hours). Enjoy post paddle dinner beers at the Stack. Map.

Date: Saturday May 8th, 10am launch (park cars in advance)

Lead: J.R. Logan

Moonlight Drift

With the tide in our favor and a full moon the group paddles through he marshes from the Quinnipiac River Marina to Sackett Point Canoe Launch. Bring lights.

Date: Saturday July 23 leave at 7pm.

Lead: Ian

Shag Bank Picnic

Canoe through harbor from City Point out to the sand bar off sandy point. Here we stop and bbq and get sun before returning.

Date: Saturday Aug 21 leave at 11am.

Lead: Alex M

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The Little River

The Muddy

West Rock to Quinnipiac Marina

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